Water Construction

We have advanced equipment and years of experience in water construction. We can work either from land or on the water, using, for example, an excavator or a Watermaster suction dredger. Our projects have included lakes, beaches, industrial pools and areas of contaminated water.

Our fleet consists of four Watermasters and one BigFloat excavator. Our fleet of Watermaster suction dredgers includes the biggest in the market, and outranks our competitors numerically. Our Watermasters are cost-effective, since we actively update our fleet to match the best in the market. Our polymer dosing equipment is the largest among Watermaster companies.


Using suction dredging we can pump masses from a kilometre away to a settling tank or geotube. Geotubes allow for flexibility in positioning the sedimentation tank. Our Watermaster dredgers do not need lifting assistance or heavy-duty cranes when moving from land to water or vice versa. The machine "walks" itself from the trailer to its destination and back.

BigFloat Excavator

BigFloat is an amphibious excavator that can handle even the most difficult earthmoving tasks. The machine can operate in shallows, swamps and waters, where working with a traditional excavator could even be dangerous.

Our projects include cleaning of industrial pools, including biological pools, contaminated soil removal, peat layer removal, removal of process waste from mines, and restoration of channels.

In addition to our suction dredging equipment, we have two mobile high-power pumps, with a total pumping capacity of 5 thousand cubic meters per hour. Our equipment is fully movable on trucks, and can be moved, for example with the aid of an excavator, to places that would otherwise be unreachable.